Children Of Myth

In a Children of Myth campaign, the PCs may not literally be children, but begin with no levels and a single Mythic tier.


This allows for simple play, introduction of Mythic concepts early, and lets you emulate characters who are truly born into their Mythic heritage.

This approach is directly inspired by Hercules killing serpents in the cradle and by Percy Jackson. It also allows us to explore the trope of discovering that one has incredible potential, then beginning training, rather than beginning in the middle of that story.


A 0th-level character has BAB +0 and no feats except those granted by race. They have 6 hit points plus their Constitution modifier.

They have 2 skill ranks plus their Intelligence modifier and may apply a maximum of 1 to any given skill. Any skill that a character places ranks in at 0th-level is considered a class skill for that character.

First Tier

Children of Myth gain the basic mythic abilities including Mythic Power, Hard to Kill, and Mythic Flaw. They may choose their Path and gain the appropriate abilities.

The Archmage and Hierophant paths may be quite weak in this configuration. Players considering this may want to wait to Dual Path later.

Alternate Advancement

For simpler characters and better Mythic feat options, flip the Ability Score and Mythic Feat advancements. So a Child of Myth would have get their first Ability Score boost at character creation and their first Mythic Feat at 2nd tier.

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