Mythic Power

Mythic power are the tokens that make the mythic rules hum. If you want to read all the cool things they can do, they're all over the book.

But here's what I think they're for: providing a currency for all the mythic things characters should just be able to do.

Currency of Awesome

Your mythic barbarian may not have an ability to jump off a cliff on to a dragon's back and start strangling it with her bare hands. But she sure as hell should.

So I just say "give me a mythic power." No dice roll or what have you. Mythic Power buys you awesome stunts.

Now, if you do want to go ahead and roll your acrobatics to make that jump, I'll probably give you a mythic boon.

Cycle of Awesome

You can probably see where this is going: do awesome stuff the hard way to get mythic power through boons, then spend the power to do more awesome stuff that might not quite work normally.

And if there doesn't happen to be something obviously awesome to do right then, mythic characters are never lacking ways to spend mythic power.

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