Mythic Trials

Mythic Trials represent the major accomplishments of Mythic PCs.

They pace the gaining of Mythic Tiers. The GM both decides what counts as a Mythic Trial and how many are need to gain a new Tier… which is to say, it's completely in the GM's court.

Less important in story, but more important in play, is the Mythic Boon.

The Mythic Adventures book has some guidelines, but the most important part is getting the pacing right for your group. One M6 GM may want slow tiers down to savor the complex story the group is building. Another M6 GM may need to speed them up because they have plans for higher tiers.


One approach to Mythic Trials is to actually build the trials into the world. A good example of this would be something like Highlander, where defeating another Immortal gives you their power and would make for a fine Mythic Trial. Similarly, gathering the pieces of the Shattered Star could be trials.

You definitely want to think about the sources for Mythic power available in the world or campaign you're laying out. The Mythic rules are a great tool box, but it's important to decide what those tools mean in your world.

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